The electronic content involves multiple definitions because it mixes each digital document could be stored or transferred by means of transferring information on line. These contents could be written or audiovisual and arranged within database or disarranged. Then, the electronic content means either digital document of multiple media organized or disorganized on line or out line.


The types of electronic content:

  • Texts with different written language
  • Images
  • Movies and films clips whether real or cartoons
  • Apps and software include electronic games

   The widespread of internet and highly availability for all people led to member of humanity family's attention in using internet whether through using an existing content or producing a new one or editing  the existing content and reproducing it.

In the light of openness and spreading, it becomes easy for any user of internet to produce and circulate the electronic content on wider scale whether the content is useful or harmful for users. This ranking for the electronic content between good and bad content clearly affects children who use internet because they need someone to help them choose the appropriate content for their age and requirements form internet.

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