The addictive use of technology, internet and particularly mobile devices is a type of disorder that comes as a consequence of excessive use of these services when these long hours can be used to other elements of life such as sleeping, eating, taking a rest or studying.

Internet and mobile addiction has become a widespread phenomenon especially considering the wide spread of computers and smart mobile phones that are connected to the internet. Addiction causes many health, psychological and social problems, as well as insomnia, low academic performance, anger and boredom. Usually, addiction comes as a result of free time. Therefore, children tend to spend their free time on the internet or their mobile phones. This type of addiction could also come as a result of deprivation, so children try to make up for this deprivation through virtual means.

There are many forms of addiction resulting from either deprivation or free time:

  • Competitive video gaming addiction.
  • Viewing pornography material addiction.
  • Chatting, social media and online social connection addiction.
  • Random browsing and watching movies and matches addiction.
  • Phone games addiction.
  • Texting SMS and MMS addiction.


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