The Internet is an international communication network that allows users to interchange data between smaller networks connect with computers devices all around the world, which work according to specific systems (known as unified protocol) internet protocol. The term “internet” indicates to all data being exchanged on the network, and the infrastructure that transfers this information across continents.

internet connects millions of networks both private and public in governmental, academic and business institutions. It varies in its scope between local and international, and is connected by different techniques like copper wire, optical fiber and wireless links. These networks also vary in their internal structure technically and managerially. Each is managed and decentralized separately and does not rely in running on the others.

internet carries a lot of valuable data and services. Hypertext pages published on websites are the most popular. It also carries other services and applications like mail, services of instant communication, moving files protocol, voice dialing and others.

Just like other communication leaps throughout history, the internet today has cultural and social effects worldwide, and it has led to changing traditional concepts in many fields like work, education, trading and the emergence of another form of information society.

The Internet is an international web of links between computers which allows people to communicate with each other and acquire the information from the extended network all around the world by visual, audio and written texts which go beyond the limits of time, space and cost and challenge the control of government.

Others define the internet as an international network of information that works with collaborative protocols amongst them for their benefit. It also contains many applications like e-mail, video conferencing, mailing lists via website, millions of news groups, many available files to transfer and use them in a personal way and reference search machines as well.

It was said about the internet, as well:

It is a massive international computer network links between networks and computer devices worldwide

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  • A network of networks

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