• Creating a separate account for each individual in the family:
      creating a separate account with privet password for each one in the family is one of the most important factors of security so that parents can control the type of programs and games that children access. In addition, parents can create multiple accounts for Android tablets users.
  • Filter programs: 
    filter programs are an important way for keeping children safe while going online, in case of using desktops. Moreover, depending on white programs list, it is better for them because it allows them to access certain sites and block others. Children's sites have a feature of preventing or limiting any advertisement, plus providing a chat function under parent's monitoring and supervision. Thus, they can be trained in this range as well as for the older children who feel that protected range became too small, they can use programs that filter an undesired content, not just a custom list
  •  Do not leave children alone in the room while they are surfing or enjoying games on internet or using tablets for browsing websites. Instead, children could use desktops with internet to be monitored by the whole family. Otherwise, the child may be exposed to traumatic and dangerous situation by himself. Also, you cannot notice how much time children spend in surfing if they were using mobile devices.


  •  In the age of 11-12, give your children a space in surfing internet. In this age, children have a need of privacy and desire to get rid of parents' control, and hence the block list while children safety functions will not work. In this case, the trust between the children and their parents is the most important thing.


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