What is Spam?

  Spam is commercial messages sent massively to many email addresses for advertising purposes or fraud purposes such as an advertisement for certain software or products.

  Simply, spam is any kind of undesired contact via the internet. There are many forms of spam: email spam, also known as junk email, is the most common kind. Moreover, there is spam text message, it is uncommon kind which called SPIM in addition to many other forms of spam related to social media like Twitter and Facebook.


The origin of term “spam”:

Spam originally is brand name of a slice of meat marketed for an American food products company called Hormel Corporation. The term was built from "SPicedhAM" which is spicy pork.  Connecting it with the term refers back to a sketch  performed by Monty Python, an American comedian group. In the sketch, a restaurant serves spam," the spicy pork", when a consumer entered the restaurant and tried to order something else than spam. Then a group of people in the restaurant started making noise and singing: “spam, spam, spam...” till the consumer became unable to hear his own order.

Thus, practicing these kind of messages are known as “spammers”, which is word of contempt !





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