Ibrahim A.Bakr Atallah, 
Eng. A cyber Security expert and an Entrepreneur

Mr. Ibrahim is the founder of Icalendar which is a Startup, and an early stage company, that has been incubated by PICTI. Icalender is a national web based calendar, that provides and highlights events , which can be practical for commercial use. Mr Ibrahim Abu Baker , has been the designer of the IBan solution . Mr Ibrahim was appointed by the Palestinian Cabinet as a Head of Computer Emergency Response Team. Mr.Abubakr currently is a member of the steering committee of the Arabic Cyber security Cooperation Team (ACCT) in the Arabic region. An expert mentor over several projects in the e-government establishment, besides being a mentor over several competitions . A juror and a coacher in ITU competitions, PI2, ADC Competitions, Government Mobile Completions, Glow Innovation, AICTO and ALECSO App Competition. He graduated from the Faculty of Computer Engineering at the University of Al Quds – Abudees/Jerusalem in 2008, and holds several internationally recognized certificates in the field of ICT, Cyber security, Entrepreneurship, Communication & Media skills, in addition to Project Management.